Dwarsdriewer Performing Arts Festival is an initiative that will contribute to the diversification of professional performance art in Kiel and will have a lasting impact on the understanding of contemporary dance.

The audience is given the opportunity to experience international and high-quality art as an extension of the more traditional dance scene in Kiel.

In order to increase the understanding of contemporary performance art, six different artists from the Netherlands and Schleswig Holstein will present their performances to the public. The visit to a dance performance becomes a very special experience, because professional contemporary dance is combined with the usual klöhnschnack (smalltalk)

The evening begins with a brief introduction to the topic. This is followed by three to four performances by three to four different groups of artists. After that, there will be a guided break. After the break, you will be invited to a ikind of meeting. A speaker will interview the artists and the audience to motivate an exchange.

Before and after the performances there is the possibility to approve a drink or snack.

18 and 19 July

Anne-Marie (DE) SOULstices - Euphoria/Depression/ Aftermath
Dance and language


- Intermediate World (DE)
Dance and video projections

Leon Frankze (DEU)

July 25 and 26

Soffia Heese -What moves me (DE)
Dance and Architecture

Cia sea - IT'S TWO (NL)
Circus and dance

String of Thoughts
Quartet for three performers and 100 meters of rope (DE)
Bondage, Shibari und Tanz

Rohiet, Tommy, Alison A journey within ourselves; A tribute to our ancestors (NL)
Hiphop and contemporary dance

1 and 2 August

Xavier Geerman (NL)

Sarah and Jason (NL)
Butooh and Material Arts

Tough Titties Revolution - How can I get close to you (NL)

18 and 19 July

SOULstices - Euphoria/Depression/ Aftermath

Anne-Marie trained as a dancer in Australia and has been dancing professionally in Kiel for a long time. She decided to quit her job to have more time for her family.

Before she started her own family, dancing was her life's content. It meant everything to her. It was her great love. She danced because she loved to touch other people. Now the family is their life's content. How does it deal with this change? A very personal and multi-layered dance solo

Leon Franzke (DE)
More information to follow


- Intermediate World (DE)

Somewhere caught between reality and dream, Hanna-Lina wandered through her life. Through dance and video projections, she gives her psychotic experiences a form and thus insights into their intermediate world without falling into darkness.

I question the limits of human boundaries that we have imagined. In doing so, I want to indicate how I could imagine a future civilization.


25 and 26 July

Soffia Heese -What moves me (DE)

Movement architectures form the core of Soffia Heese's work. It examines how spaces are shaped and transformed by the human body and how they can be experienced.

On the one hand, she examines the extent to which the human body movement is inherent in architectural construction and, on the other hand, the transformation of architectural structures via dance perception. https://wasmichbewegt.myportfolio.com


Two students of the Circus Academy Tilburg combine acrobatics with contemporary dance and let the audience immerse themselves in a world full of illusions and true possibilities.

In general we are interested in what makes imagination alive, thepuppeteer manipulating, the magician, the special effects in movies


String of Thoughts
Quartet for three performers and 100 meters of rope (DE)

A net that gives us a secure hold as we fly through the world of our minds. In "String of Thoughts" dance meets bondage art inspired by Japanese Shibari, the connections of our thoughts become visible on stage and invite us to follow them, get entangled in them and float with them

"Daydreaming takes you on the strangest journeys"

Rohiet, Tommy, Alison (NL)
A journey within ourselves,A tribute to our ancestors

is a mixture of hip hop and contemporary dance, acrobatics and martial arts. The three dancers have roots and tell their personal story, as the foundation of it their cultural background.

'A journey within ourselves,A tribute to our ancestors. The skeletons from our closest are slowly starting to come alive'

1 and 2 August

Xavier Geerman (NL)

Xavier Geerman studied composition at the Tilburg Conservatory. It combines traditional Aruban music with Western contemporary music. In his career as a composer he has worked a lot with choreographers. He himself has performed in pieces. This knowledge of performing arts is incorporated into his moving music.


Sarah and Jason (NL)

Butooh (dance) and Jiu jitsu

Japanese theatre and martial arts Art Jiu jitsu merge in a duet about the emotional body, in which all memories are contained.

Tough Titties Revolution - How can I get close to you (NL)

The four-member international collective deals with encounters in various forms. From shaking hands, handstand to raising each other, throwing and dropping, encounter swells in an acrobatic way.

. Do we choose to live as separate or interconnected, on the earth or as part of it? It all begins with asking, "Shall we, maybe?"


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